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Rare and Collectible Mini Catalogs

The following “mini-catalogs” provide listings of the main items we have available in various categories. They are in PDF format and can be downloaded for your convenience.

Religion and Americana – 18th & 19th Century Editions – July 2018
Includes 18th and early 19th century publications. Mainly religious texts but also schoolbooks and educational materials.

Fiction / Poetry – July 2018
A selection of our very large collection of rare first editions, signed copies and other collectibles.

Illustrated Books – July 2018
Books most notable for their illustrations by famous artists, including Gustave Dore’s illustrations of Milton’s “Paradise Lost”

Local / Town Histories, Genealogies – July 2018
Focuses mainly on Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York.

Military History – July 2018
Includes 9 booklets (out of 16) of photographs from the Civil War.

Multi-Volume Sets – History and Literature – July 2018
Includes nice edition of David Hume’s History of England and the Eleventh Edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Notable Americans – July 2018
Includes many biographies of Lincoln and Jefferson, as well as FDR’s “Public Papers” 6 volumes 1928-1936.