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Kathy’s QuaranTEEN Reading List

Do you sometimes feel like you are living in a YA Apocalyptic novel? 
We’ve got book suggestions for *each* of the many moods…
Click on the pics to access the electronic and audio versions of these titles

For when everyone around you is panicking because they think it’s the end of the world

For when you obsessively research everything on plagues and epidemics

For when you need a good cry to get all those feelings out…

For when you start dreaming of a utopian society with NO conflict and NO disease.

For when you want to go somewhere (anywhere) on vacation… but all you can actually do is go to your backyard…

Or maybe, just escape by traveling back in time!

For when you daydream about living in your favorite fantasy world.

For TFW you go to get a midnight snack and swear you hear something behind you…

YA Netflix movie binge? Read the books!

…and need re-read these before the movie comes out!

And lastly, for when you’ve already re-read your favorite series 50 times and are looking for the next great thing.