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Coyotes in Connecticut: Tuesday, May 23 at 6:00pm

This presentation by Paul Colburn, a certified Master Wildlife Conservationist (MWC) will focus on the history of coyotes in Connecticut, and provide an overview of coyote habitat, diet, behavior, and reproduction.  It will also provide practical recommendations for optimum coexistence with our coyote population.  Coyote artifacts will be shared with the audience. The presentation is intended for ages 12 and up.

Paul Colburn is a graduate of Master Wildlife Conservationist Program (MWCP) , a Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) adult education program that trains participants in the fields of wildlife management, natural history and interpretation. The purpose of the program is to develop a volunteer corps capable of providing education, outreach, and service for state agencies, environmental organizations, libraries, schools, and the general public.

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