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Library Renewal Project: Phase II – Library Design

Beginning in 2013, the OLPGN Library Trustees and Staff embarked on a long-term library renewal project to reevaluate and reimagine library services and plan for the future.  In Phase I, drawing on patron and staff feedback, we developed new mission and vision statements and developed a new strategic plan.

Our MISSION is to inspire lifelong learning and discovery in a welcoming place with exceptional resources, programs and services.

Our VISION is to be the community’s vibrant hub for engagement, discovery and creativity.

In Phase II, expected to conclude Fall 2017, we will identify how our facility and use of library space can be redesigned to align with our new vision and to better serve the community.  To help facilitate this process, we have hired Lerner, Ladds, and Bartels (LLB Architects) to develop several alternative conceptual designs of what our renewed library can be.  LLB will be working with us to ensure these designs are informed by ideas, feedback, and inspiration gathered from the library’s patrons, staff, trustees, and community stakeholders.

As we develop design options we will be asking many questions.  For example:

  • Does our current allocation of space reflect our service priorities and needs?
  • Is there opportunity to increase the amount of space available to the public?
  • Can a new design allow us to provide new and better services?
  • Does our use of space promote staff efficiency, productivity, and wellbeing?
  • Can a new design make it easier for our patrons to access and explore library materials?
  • How can we make the space warmer and more inviting to our patrons?
  • Can we improve our energy efficiency, reduce facility costs, and better ensure the library’s long-term sustainability?
  • How might the design highlight the historic character of the building and further contribute to the beauty and appeal of the Lyme Street district?

In the weeks and months ahead we will continue to share our progress with the community and will offer many and varied ways for community members to join the conversation and help us to imagine the future of the OLPGN Library.  Questions?  Please contact Katie Huffman at khuffman@oldlyme.lioninc.org.

*As progress is made this page will be updated with new information*

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